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Hummer H2 Blower Motor

                   2003 -2007 HUMMER H2 Blower Motor
           Fan Speed Resistor Control Module Repair



$80. Same day repair with Priority return shipping.  
We pay return shipping.                                                                                                             

This is a repair to your 2003 – 2007 Hummer H2 Blower Motor Fan Speed Resistor Control Module.

Is your Fan Motor not working?
Is your Fan Motor working continuously / non stop?
Is your Fan blowing on High only?

If so, these are common issues we repair with this service at a fraction of the cost to replace the Module. Same day service / lifetime warranty.

Part Numbers:
93803637 88986529 89023355 19331830 19329838 15-80388
15-80655 15-80911 3GSH-19E624-CA 4GSH-19E624-AA 6GSH-19E624-AA

Easy Removal instructions: Take the plastic plate off below the glove box to expose the unit held on by three 3 bolts.

Call (512) 217-3609 for a local repair.  We offer same day repair service.

You will want to replace the blower motor also if the fan is continuing to run constantly, even with the key off.

As the blower motor gets older, it causes a high resistance and higher amp draw, which will cause the Blower Module to overheat and burn out.
You will also need to test and inspect the vehicle's Body Control Module.  If the BCM has water intrusion or damage, this will also cause the blower motor to run constantly.

It is your mechanic's responsibility to pinpoint the problem you are currently experiencing to the blower motor fan resistor control module.
All possible causes for system failure must be eliminated prior to sending your blower module to us for repairs.

Send your Blower Motor Fan Speed Resistor Control Module to us to be repaired. 

We offer next day repair service and free return shipping via Priority mail.


1 - Purchase this repair service.

2 - Remove your Blower Motor Fan Speed Resistor Control Module.

3 - Download and fill out the repair request form HERE.

4 - Package the Module and the repair request form in a padded box.

5 - Send it to:    

Rapid Transit Services
1205 Vanderbilt Circle
Pflugerville, TX 78660

You will be emailed when the item is received, repaired, and shipped.
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